1:Intelligent testing:integrating psychology
2:Culture,self,and motivation:essays in honor of martin l.maehr
3:Cultural Psychology
4:Dreams,a portal to the source
5:Applied Longitudinal Data Analysis: Modeling Change and Event Occurrence
6:Investigative psychology : offender profiling and the analysis of criminal action
7:Handbook of reward and decision making
8:Nonlinear dynamics and statistics
9:Serial crime : theoretical and practical issues in behavioral profiling
10:Analysis of observed chaotic data
11:Methods in social neuroscience
12:Working memory, thought, and action
13:Working memory capacity
14:Criminal profiling : an introduction to behavioral evidence analysis
15:A primer on regression artifacts
16:Contrast analysis : focused comparisons in the analysis of variance
17:Animals and the moral community : mental life, moral status, and kinship
18:Learning and the infant mind
19:Prosocial motives, emotions, and behavior : the better angels of our nature
20:Second nature : the inner lives of animals
21:幸福从心开始 [专著]: 李子勋的100个快乐处方
22:解读“疯狂” 热点话题人物的心理分析
24:根源舞 [专著]:发掘你的性资源
25:The SAGE handbook of organizational behavior. Volume II, Marco approaches
26:The SAGE handbook of organizational behavior. Volume 1, Micro approaches
27:The Sage handbook of social psychology
28:Wild Justice
29:Metacognition in Young Children
30:Experimental Psychology Research Trends
31:Self-efficacy : the exercise of control
32:The Sage handbook of methods in social psychology
33:The SAGE handbook of new approaches in management and organization
34:The SAGE handbook of organizational research methods
36:The SAGE Handbook of Qualitative Research in Psychology
37:The SAGE handbook of quantitative methods in psychology
38:Psychological aspects of depression : toward a cognitive-interpersonal integration
39:Discourse analysis : an introduction
40:Foundations of behavioral research
41:The social psychology of collective action : identity, injustice, and gender
42:Cognitive stylistics : language and cognition in text analysis
43:Discursive psychology
44:Handbook of work stress
45:21st century psychology : a reference handbook
46:21st century management : a reference handbook
47:The handbook of human resource management education : promoting an effective and …
48:The SAGE handbook of online research methods
49:The psychology research handbook : a guide for graduate students and research assist…
50:Intergroup attitudes and relations in childhood through adulthood
51:Responses to victimizations and belief in a just world
52:Dual-process theories in social psychology
53:Current societal concerns about justice
54:The justice motive as a personal resource : dealing with challenges and critical life events
55:The justice motive in everyday life : essays in honor of Melvin J. Lerner
56:Chinese children’s reading acquisition : theoretical and pedagogical issues
58:运筹学与最优化MATLAB编程 [专著]
60:The International Handbook of Psychology
61:Handbook of mental health in the workplace
62:The Oxford handbook of innovation
63:Well-being : the foundations of hedonic psychology
64:Handbook of multimethod measurement in psychology
65:阶层线性模型的原理与应用 [专著]
66:Social relationships : cognitive, affective, and motivational processes
67:Behavioral finance and wealth management : how to build optimal portfolios that account for investor biases
68:The SAGE Handbook of Human Resource Management
69:50个教练和指导技能培训工具 [专著]
73:70个团队建设艺术工具 [专著]: 用音乐、戏剧、故事等手段增进团队合作
74:The role of the father in child development
75:Handbook of individual differences in cognition : attention, memory, and executive control
76:Eye movements and vision
77:Words in the mind : an introduction to the mental lexicon
78:The social psychology of Prosocial Behavior
81:Cooperation:The Political Psychology of Effective Human Interaction
82:The Self in Social Judgment
83:Reading as a Perceptual Process(1-2)
84:Psychological Perspectives on Self and Identity
85:The Self and Memory
86:On Building,Defending and Regulating the Self:A Psychological Perspective
87:Self-Criticism and Self-Enhancement:Theory,Research,and Clinical Implications
88:Excel2010Power Programming With VBA(1-3)
89:Indigenous and Cultural Psychology:Understanding People in Context
90:An Introduction to Stochastic Modeling.(1-2)
91:Foundations of Language:Brain,Meaning,Grammar,Evolution
93:Structured Finance Modeling With Object-Oriented VBA
94:Multiple Regression in Behaviroal Research:Explanation and Prediction.(1-2)
95:Arcraft Safety:accident Investigations,anlyses,and Applications
96:AIR Accident investigation 3rd.ed
97:Multiple Regression in Behavioral Research:Explanation and Prediction(1-3)
98:Origins of the Social Mind
99:Human Morality and Sociality
100:Evolution,Culture, and the Human Mind
101:Content Analysis:Guidebook
102:Psychological Perspectives on justice
103:Pathways to Language
104:The Number Sense
105:Crows and Rauens
106:Sructural Equations with Latent Variables
107:Handbook of Social Comparison:Theory and Research
108:Missing Believed Killed
109:Beyond the Black Box:The Forensics of Airplane Crashes
110:Handbook of Implicit Social Cognition:Measurement,Theory,and Applications
111:Cognition, Evolution, and Behavior.
112:The Evolution of Intelligent Systems:How Molecules Becme Minds
113:Reputation and the Evolution of Generous Behavior
114:Animals,Brains, & Cultures;A Noel ABC of Human and Other Animal Nature and …
115:The Oxford Handbook of Internet Psychology
116:Rethinking Innateness:A Connectionist Perspectiue on Development
117:Science of Pain.(1-2)
118:Understanding Culture:theory,Research,and Application
119:Comparative Vertebrate Cognition:Are Primates Superior to Non-Primates?
120:Games,Groups,and the Global Good
121:Animals in Translation
122:Ermpathy:A Social Psychological Approach
123:The Role of Play in Human Development
124:The Making of Human Concepts
125:Reducing Prejudice and Discrimination
126:Healing Trauma:A Professional Guide
127:From Prejudice to Intergroup Emotions:Differentiated Reactions to Social Groups
128:Comprehension:A Paradigm for Cognition
129:Handbook of Socialization:Theory and Research
130:Fatherhood:Evolution and Human Paternal Behavior
131:Psychology and the Question of Agency
132:Psychological Agency:Theory,Practice,and Culture
133:The R Book (1-2)
134:Mentoring Across Generations:Partnerships for Positive Youth Development
135:Mobilizing Adults for Positive Youth Development
136:New Directions for Youth Development
137:Noam Chomsky:A Life of Dissent
138:Self-Esteem:The Puzzle of Low Self-Regard
139:An Expanded Sourcebook Qualitative Data Analysis
140:Handbook of Jealousy:Theory,Research,and Multidisciplinary Approaches
141:Action Meets Word:How Children Learn Verbs
142:Exercises in Rethinking Innateness.
143:How Genes Influence Behavior
144:Handbook of Cultural Psychology(1-2)
145:Applied Multivariate Statistics for the Social Sences(1-2)
146:Applied Research Analysis and Generalized Linear Models.(1-2)
147:Decision Support Systems and Intelligent Systems.(1-2)
148:The Philosophy of Deception
149:The Wiley-Blackwell Handbook of Childhood Cognitive Development
150:Methodologies for Conducting Research on Giftedness
151:The Mind of the Chimpanzee
152:Contemporary Psychological Research on Social Dilemmas.
153:Personnel Selection in Organizations
154:Aviation Mental Health
155:Handbook of Self-Determination Research
156:Diversity in Language:Perspectives and Implications
157:Language Diversity and Cognitive Representations.
158:Comparative Cogntion:Experimental Explorations of Animal Intelligence
159:A Chinese Ethies for the New Century.
162:New Issues and Paradigms in research on Social
163:Contemporary Psychological Research on Social Dilemmas
164:Vsisble Speech
165:Anova for the Behavioural Sciences Researcher
167:The Oxford Handbook of Music Psychology(1-2)
168:Handbook of Research Methods in Social and Personality Psychology
169:Parallel Distributed Processing(1-3)
170:Music and the Psychology of Experctation
171:Science of Memory:Concepts
172:Music and Memory
173:Readings in the Theory of Individual Psychology
174:Routes to Reading Success and Failure
175:The Origin of Concepts
176:Making Sense
177:Handbook of Applied Multivariate Statistics and Mathematical Modeling
178:Jung on Evil
179:Sandplay in three voices : images, relationships, the numinous
180:Jung on active imagination
181:Sandplay : past, present, and future
182:Developmental psychophysiology : theory, systems, and methods
183:Assessment centers in human resource management : strategies for prediction, …
184:Developing organizational simulations : a guide for practitioners and students
185:Event-related dynamics of brain oscillations
186:The cynical Americans : living and working in an age of discontent and disillusion
187:Sandplay & symbol work : emotional healing & personal development with children, ..
188:Foundation and form in Jungian sandplay : an art therapy approach
189:Jungian sandplay : the wonderful therapy
190:The origins and history of consciousness
191:Imagery and spatial cognition : methods, models and cognitive assessment
192:Handbook of neuropsychology. Volume 8, Child neurospsychology
193:Handbook of neuropsychology. Volume 4, Disorders of visual behavior
194:Handbook of Music and Emotion:Theory,Research, Applications(1-2)
195:Introduction to Nonparametric Item Response Theory V.5
196:Item response theory for psychologists
197:Applied Rasch measurement : a book of exemplars : papers in honour of John P. Keeves
198:Test equating, scaling, and linking : methods and practices
199:MMPI-2: Assessing Personality and Psychopathology
200:MMPI-2:a practitioner's guide
201:Handbook of Intellectual Styles
202:Psychological Aspects of Cyberspace
203:Cyberpsychology:An Introduction to Human-Computer Interaction.
204:Handbook of hope : theory, measures, & applications
206:明尼苏达多相人格调查表 最新研究与多类量表解释
207:Handbook of EEG Interpretation
208:Restructuring World Politics
209:Multilevel Modeling for Social and Personality Psychology
210:Multilevel Analysis
211:Reducing Intergroup Bias
212:Forms for the Therapist
213:Wais-iv Clinical Use and Interpretation
214:The  Neurobiology of Olfaction
215:Online Counseling:A Handbook for Mental Health Professionals
216:Visual Perception
218:Evolutionary Psychology V.2
219:Observation Orientde Modeling
220:Handbook on Animal-Assisted Therapy
221:Event-related potentials : a methods handbook
222:Methods of meta-analysis : correcting error and bias in research findings
223:Therapeutic microbiology :probiotics and related strategies
224:Anesthesia and analgesia in laboratory anima
225:The SAGE handbook of prejudice, stereotyping and discrimination
226:The Wiley-Blackwell handbook of individual differences
227:The cognitive neurosciences (1-3)
228:The emergence of language
229:Deaf children: developmental perspectives
230:Psychological perspectives on deafness
231:Sign language : the study of deaf people and their language
232:Language, cognition, and the brain : insights from sign language research
233:A grammar of spoken Chinese(1-2)
234:How to write a lot : a practical guide to productive academic writing
235:Oxford Handbook of Psycholinguistics(1-2)
236:Handbook of trust research
237:Statistical rules of thumb
238:Mind, brain, and education science : a comprehensive
239:The developmental relations among mind, brain and education : essays in honor
240:Integral education : new directions for higher learning
241:The new science of teaching and learning : using the best of mind
242:Information anxiety is produced by the ever-widening gap between at we ...
243:Prosodic typology: the phonology of intonation and phrasing
244:The stuff of thought : language as a window into human nature
245:Schizotypal personality
246:Principles of neural science (1-3)
247:The visual neurosciences
248:Biostatistical analysis
249:Neuronal processing of optic flow
250:Spikes : exploring the neural code
251:Social identity, intergroup conflict, and conflict reduction
252:The musical representation : meaning, ontology, and emotion
253:Developmental psychopathology and family process : theory, research
254:Acoustic and auditory phonetics
255:The Handbook of Phonetic Sciences(1-3)
256:The ecology of human development: Experiments by nature and design
257:Children of six cultures : a psycho-cultural analysis
258:Guide to the qualitative scoring system for the modified version of...
259:Multilevel and longitudinal modeling with IBM SPSS
260:Statistical analysis of fMRI data
261:A cooperative species : human reciprocity and its evolution
262:Infant perception and cognition : recent advances, emerging theories, ...
263:Handbook of Social Psychology(V1-2)
264:Contributions to neuropsychological assessment : a clinical manual
265:The psychology of workplace safety
266:Organization development : a data-driven approach to organizational change
267:Value-based safety process : improving your safety culture with behavior-based safety
268:Discovering Statistics Using Spss(1-2)
270:Effective Writing in psychology
271:The Oxford handbook of personnel psychology
272:Rationality and the reflective mind
273:Emotion and consciousness
275:Methods in Social Neuroscience
276:Cognition and Nuropsychology(V.1)
277:Statistical Power Analysis for the Behavioral Sciences
278:The Self
279:Individual Self,Relational Self,Collective Self
280:Handbook of Personality Development
281:Social Neuroscience
282:Comparative Vertebrate Neuroanatomy (1-2)
283:Time and decision : economic and psychological perspectives on intertemporal ...
284:Advances in personality assessment
285:交往行为理论. 第一卷, 行为合理性与社会合理化
286:Personality,Human Development,and CultureV.2
287:Social Neuroscience
288:Self-Esteem Research,Theory, and Practice
289:Personality in Adulthood
290:Social Cognition
291:The Construction of the Self
292:The SAGE Handbook of Methods in Social Psychology
293:The Construction of the Self
294:Decision Making
295:Our Racist Heart?
296:The human problems of an industrial civilization
297:Leading change
298:The heart of change : real-life stories of how people change their organizations
299:Making vocational choices : a theory of vocational personalities and work environmen
300:The social problems of an industrial civilization : with an appendix on the political problem
301:A force for change : how leadership differs from management
302:Work redesign
303:The watercooler effect: A psychologist explores the extraordinary power of rumors
304:Handbook of moral development
305:Applying regression & correlation : a guide for students and researchers
306:Reading and understanding more multivariate statistics
307:Statistical methods for meta-analysis
308:Models of Working Memory
309:The Oxford handbook of personnel assessment and selection
310:Handbook of the neuroscience of aging
311:Cognitive neuroscience of aging : linking cognitive and cerebral aging
312:Brain function in old age : evaluation of changes and disorders
313:Psychophysics :the fundamentals
314:Social Metacognition
315:Latent Curve Models
317:Handbook of Identity Theory and Research
318:Handbook of Developmental Social Neuroscience
319:a mathematical theory of evidence
320:First Impressions
321:Life-Span Development
322:A Topical Approach to Life-Span Development
323:The handbook of life-span development
324:Responsibility and distributive justice
325:Intergroup  Cognition and Intergroup Behavior
326:Child' s Play
327:The Brain and Emotion
329:Evolution,Games,and God: thePrinciple of Cooperationd
330:Reading Research
331:Masked Priming
332:Twin and Triplet Psychology
333:Child Development
334:Measuring health : a review of quality of life measurement scales
335:Musical meaning and expression
336:Exponential random graph models for social networks : theories, methods, and applications
337:The Blackwell guide to aesthetics
338:Introduction to a philosophy of music
339:Music alone : philosophical reflections on the purely musical experience
340:The classical style : Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven
341:Character Strengths and Virtues
342:Eating Disorders in Children and Adolescents
343:The Oxford Handbook of Linguistic Interfaces
344:Exponential Random Graph Models for Social Networks
345:Genes and Behavior
346:Introduction to a Philosophy of Music
347:Measuring Health
348:Music Alone
349:The Cambridge Handbook of Cognitive Science
350:The Cambridge Handbook of Psycholiguistics
351:The Cambridge Handbook of Human Affective Neuroscience
352:Understanding Neuropsychiatric Disorders Insights from Neuroimaging
353:Musical Maening and Experssion
354:The Blackwell Guide to Aesthetics
355:The Classical Style
356:Electrodermal Activity
358:Longitudinal Data Analysis
359:The SAGE Handbook of Innovation in Social
360:Language,music,andghe Brain A Mysterious Relationship
362:Handbook of theories of social psychology v1 v2
364:The Oxford Handbook of Psycholinguistics
366:ATLAS OF Human Brain Connections
367:Structure of the Human Brain : A photographic atlas
369:Therapeutic feedback with the MMPI-2 : A positive psychology approach
370:Essentials of MMPI-2 assessment
371:Oxford handbook of personality assessment
372:Personality assessment
373:MMPI-2 : a practitioner's guide
374:The Oxford Handbook of Event-Related Potential Components
375:Practicing positive psychology coaching : assessment
376:Coaching and mentoring : theory and practice
377:Executive coaching with backbone and heart
378:Coaching, mentoring and organizational consultancy : supervision and development
379:The psychology of executive coaching: Theory and application
380:The Justice Motive as a Personal Resource
381:Theories of Team Cognition
383:The Philosophy and Practice of Coaching
384:Transcending Self-Interest
385:Twin and triplet psychology: A professional guide to working with multiples
386:Child development
387:The Future of the brain sciences
388:A Neural Network Model of Lexical
389:Constraints in Discourse 3
390:Communicating with One Another
391:The Mental Corpus
392:Relations between Language and Memory
393:Lexical Representation
395:The Politics of the Family and Other Essays
396:Vision Research
397:The Cognitive-Emotional Brain
400:Computational Paralinguistics
401:A Handbook of Prcess Tracing Methods for Decision Research
403:The New Handbook of Multisensory Processes
406:The Psychiatric Interview
408:Conceptions of Modern Psychiatry
409:The Oxford Handbook of Cognitive Linguistics
411:Collective Emotions: Perspectives from Psychology, Philosophy, and Sociology
412:Reputation and the evolution of generous behavior
413:Social capital: theory, measurement and outcomes
414:Human behavior and the developing brain
416:The handbook of conversation analysis
417:developing effective safety systems
418:Handbook of blind source separation : independent component analysis and applications
419:The power of reading : insights from the research
421:Handbook of organizational creativity
422:Nonlinear Lp-Norm Estimation
423:Peer effects on adolescent smoking and social network-based interventions
424:Social network formation and peer effects
425:Social network analysis and education : theory, methods & applications
426:Trusting what you're told : how children learn from others
427:Trust and skepticism : children's selective learning from testimony
428:Time perspective theory; review, research and application : essays in honor of Philip G. Zimbardo
429:The essential child : origins of essentialism in everyday thought
430:Handbook of moral development
431:Handbook of executive functioning
432:Stakeholders : theory and practice
433:Improving organizational interventions for stress and well-being : addressing process and context
434:Safety, reliability, and risk management : an integrated approach
435:Handbook of occupational safety and health
436:The psychology of workplace safety
437:Managing for world class safety
438:Human safety and risk management
439:Handbook of school mental health : research, training, practice, and policy
440:School psychology : 21st century issues and challenges
441:Designing effective Web surveys
442:Improving Mental Health Care. The Global Challenge